FAQ – Craigcat Tours & Boat Rental

Where is Sebastian Adventures ?

We are located at :
Sebastian Inlet State Park Bayside Marina
9502 S Hwy A1A, Melbourne Beach, Florida 32951

Our Marina Office is open from 9am-5pm.

Our guided boat tours are by appointment only. Please book online or by phone before coming.

For Pontoon Boat rental, we highly recommend to book it online.

Please arrive 30 minutes before the CRAIGCAT tour start time (for check-in & to watch the safety video).

For Pontoon boat rental, No need to arrive in advance for pontoon boat rental.

Restroom available at the Marina.


Cancellation/Change Policy for Craigcat tour and pontoon boat rental
What happens in the event of bad weather for CraigCat Tour & Boat Rental ?

Every morning, we check the weather forecast. If the expected temperature is less than 68°F (20°C), or if the expected chance of rain is more than 40%, or if the expected wind is more than 15 MPH (for Craigcat tours only), the tour or Boat rental could be canceled and you will receive an email and/or Phone call. For more information, call at anytime : 561-359-4747

If your tour is canceled due to weather, you can ask to reschedule it or ask for a full refund.

FREE Same-Day booking Changes/Cancellation (Only for bad weather condition)

We’re here to help you make Same-Day Ticket Changes or Cancellation. These changes mean that you’re making a booking change or cancellation within 24-48 hours of your originally scheduled departure time.

When complications such as weather, mechanical delays occur, you are eligible to request a booking credit or refund for your ticket. In these situations, please submit a refund request by phone: 561-359-4747 or by email.

For any other change/cancellation within 48 hours prior the booking date, $100 additional fees will be applied for full refund and $50 fees per change.

Can I change/cancel my booking?

Yes, up to 48 hours before your boat rental departs.

Book your next trip and enjoy no change/cancellation fees when you purchase a boat rental ticket up to 48 HOURS before your adventure for any reason.

Risk-Free Cancellation means that after you’ve purchased a qualifying boat rental Ticket, you have up to 2 days before your boat’s tour/rental to change or cancel it for any reason and receive a full refund with no fees.

We understand that plans change. If they do, please cancel or make changes as soon as possible before your boat departs.

For all tickets purchased, customers who do not show up for a boat rental without changing or canceling their reservation 48 hours prior departure will lose the value of their ticket.

Receive a full refund, which will be automatically issued to your original form of payment

How old must you be to go on the CraigCat Boat Tour Adventures ?

You must be at least 6 years old and accompanied by an adult (18+) who is a qualified operator (driver) to participate in the tour.
Florida law requires anyone who was born on or after Jan. 1, 1988 to successfully complete an approved boating safety course. All information here.

Are CraigCat boats safe?

CraigCat boats are designed not only for fun but also with safety in mind. 

First, these boats have high density foam pontoons making it virtually unsinkable. 

Secondly, they turn in such a way as to never flip over. 

All safety equipment is provided during the CraigCat tour. Everyone (driver and passenger) must wear a lifejacket (we provide them) during the tour.

We teach first time boaters to navigate the boats with great success! Our boats are all brand new CraigCats fresh off the factory floor. Our maintenance program is top notch ensuring the best possible mechanical conditions.

Should we tip our tour guide?

Tips are greatly appreciated if you enjoyed your experience but not mandatory. You can tip your guide with cash after the guided tour.

Are pets allowed on CraigCat boats ?

The ride could be bumpy and subject to weather changes. You and your pet will get wet at some point. Only you know the temperment of your pet, we do not recommend bringing them along as conditions may change rapidly while out on the boat!

You need to ask OUR APPROVAL before bringing your pet on the tour.

What should I bring for Craigcat tour ?

Please pack small! Each CraigCat has as built in drybox where you can store your small items such as your phone, your wallet and your sunscreen. If you bring a towel place it on your seat.

Don’t forget to bring your drinks (non-alcoholic) (and snacks as well!).

We recommend you to wear weather-appropriate beach attire. Be sure to check the weather forecast before your tour day, sometimes you may need a light jacket! Also, you may get splashed on the tour!

Are alcoholic beverages permitted?

Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on the tour. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed to participate in the tour.

Is there a weight limit for Craigcat Tour?

Yes, there is a 300lb / person weight limit. This limit is put forward by the manufacturer for safety purposes.

Is there a capacity/weight limit for Pontoon boat rental?

Yes, 7 passengers or 1090 lbs.

What if our party size is an odd number such as 3 or 5 for Craigcat tour?

2 persons maximum per boat. One person drives the boat while the other person is a passenger. In the event you have an odd number in your party, the odd numbered person must be qualified and willing to drive a boat alone. There may be opportunities to switch drivers and riders during the tour subject to the direction of the tour guide.  

Is there a restroom break during the craigcat tour?

Not really, we recommend you using the restroom at the Marina before leaving for your adventure.

Are Craigcat Boats available for rental without a tour guide?

Our Craigcat boats are not available for rental without a guide.
But Custom Tour for 4 to 6 persons is possible with eventually “free ride” time.
You can choose the duration of the trip and the route that you like, the stops that you want, and we analyze your demand to propose you a safe custom trip.
Contact us by email for inquiries.

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